Wednesday, January 11, 2006

All the kids are home! Cassie vs the Jelly jar!

It's 9:50am. All my children are home today. Emily is whining. Cassie is whining. Kristopher is pouring gasoline on Cassie's already burning fire by causing her to whine MORE. Already at 9:30am, it's coming to a head. All I did was give Emily a glass of water and it resulted in two absolutely full and horrible diapers. Cass was obsessing over what she wanted for breakfast and I told her if her stomach feels that bad, it's toast time. Of course she wanted jelly with the toast and that led to a meltdown. She had to pull a new jar out of the pantry and little noodle arm couldn't open the jar. So after one attempt, she started whining "Mommmm, I can't open it" "Mommmmm" "Mommm come here. boo hoo hoo" I said..WILL YOU PLEASE THROW THAT CAP UNDER SOME HOT WATER SO THAT YOU CAN OPEN IT! She looks at me.. "WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME? I DIDN"T DO ANYTHING!" Then she stomped over to the sink and threw the jar under the water, made one more attempt, couldn't open it and started whining again! So, I walked over there, grabbed the jar and EFFORTLESSLY opened the cap. Then I couldn't resist laughing which was a HUGE mistake on my part. "STOP LAUGHING!" "MOMMMM! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AT ME!" "YOU'RE MAKING FUN OF ME." Then of course Kris had to walk in and donned a giggle and all Hell broke loose in the kitchen. Cass threw the toast on the plate and said she wasn't eating it. I yelled at Kris to go away and I didn't need his help. Then told Cassie she better put the fricken jelly on the fricken toast and eat it before I ban jelly along with pop tarts.

The beginning of a beautiful day! Thus concludes Jellygate 2006!


Kris said...

Just keep telling yourself: I love my kids.

nonalee said...

I'm soooo sorry that all the kids are sick. Hopefully, they are better today and all is quiet (or quieter.)

Not Here Anymore said...

I don't know... Can we really trust Jelly?