Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh wow...over a year

Hmm...last post Jan 2006. It was snowing. OK so it's been awhile and I totally forgot I had a blog out there in cyberspace with all my mishaps and daily annoyances with my three insane kids. So since the last time I was here, the Cubs won the World Series! HA HA HA HA... OK, that is totally not true but they did just win the Division Friday. GO CUBS!! I haven't seen Hell freeze over yet but who knows, Winter is just around the corner and so is a possibly Cubs-less World Series. "Just wait until next year" that's my creedo. That's my policy! For all you young Cubs fans out there who are whining about the lack of participation on the Cubs part in the last oh lets say 100 World Series, I have one thing to say. SHUT UP! You haven't paid your dues. You haven't said enough "DOH's" and you haven't eaten enough crow. You haven't had enough heckling from all the Oh so smug, South Side fan brigade just yet. Therefore, I will kindly ask ya'all to stuff it. End of soapbox, old time Cub fan, rant!

Too much out happened to catch everyone up on why the long absence. We'll just say there was an interruption in my life and everything changed and I'm still trying to get used to it. That said, I turned 40 yesterday. They say it's a milestone, well at least AT&T did when they congratulated me on my milestone birthday and then added an "Oh by the way, we're raising the cost of your life insurance policy. You'll see the added deduction on your next paycheck." Thanks Guys! Got such a warm fuzzy from that. AT&T and it's death star logo *sigh* just melts my heart with their caring. And thanks to my brother and sister, outside was a nice sign announcing my midlife blues to my friends and neighbors along with 30 wooden beer stein thingys. But, the neighbors had a laugh and laughs are worth a fortune. Now, I am debating how I should show my midlife crisis to the world. I'm too broke for a Porche and a 22 year old. Perhaps a haircut and a bottle of hair dye would do just fine. So, here's to a new decade! If anyone wants to donate the Porche and the 22 year old, I'll take it!