Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A little writers block and an intro.

I realized I had created this blog account a couple weeks ago and then forgot about it which doesn't surprise me. Most of the time, I have no idea what day it is. At that time, I was brimming with a bunch of ideas. Now, I'm deadlocked! My friends will tell you I am rarely ever short words. Now, I have a little performance anxiety. I WANT TO SOUND INTERESTING! But how interesting can a single mom from some urban burb be? Well, I guess excitement is all relative. Today, I got up, engaged in my morning commute to the home office 50 ft down the hall by way of the coffee pot, logged on, worked and worked and worked stopping every now and then to pull the baby out of the electric cords she just LOVES to pull and watch her chase my very confused cats around the living room. She still hasn't quite grasped the phrase "Nice Kitty" which we have practiced over and over while I demonstrate to her the proper and gentle way to pet a cat. To her, Nice kitty means slapping the bejesus out of the poor animal. After logging off, I engaged in my commute home which consisted of walking 50 ft to the fridge to grab a beer. I like beer! I then ran the boy to Baseball practice and cooked dinner ala Burger King. Now, after sitting there at the computer all day I am kicking back and relaxing by sitting at my computer all night too. What a life, I tell ya! The difference is this time, I'm on my personal computer so it's totally different..SO THERE!
Thus ends the day and I am out of my mind tired. I just didn't want this little blogger thingy to think I had totally forgotten it existed which I almost did. I am going to go ponder the next blog by being introspective about the inside of my eyelids.