Saturday, September 24, 2005

A warning for those living in the Chicago Area

This is a warning for all those living within 50 miles of West Dundee, IL. There's a story behind this but I'm just writing this down for anyone who might be interested in buying a Kirby Vacuum.
If someone calls you from K&G Distributing AKA Kondos Galloy and Associates offering you a free carpet cleaning, RUN!! RUN!!! RUN FAR AWAY!!! Not only will they pester you to death with a daily sometimes hourly phone call offering you this, but they are rude when you decline and continue to call until you succomb and schedule.
- They will tell you it's a cleaning.
- They will tell you that there is no sales pitch involved.
- They will tell you it's only advertising and that it is only to get their name out there. When you are in the market for a really good vac, they are hoping that we will think of them first.
- They will ask you what kinds of stains you want removed from your carpet so they can make sure the rep brings the right cleaners.
- They will tell you not to enter the room for 40 minutes after the cleaning to allow the carpet to dry. AND, if you act today and schedule, THEY WILL THROW IN ANOTHER ROOM FREE!
- They will tell you that their rep will EVEN MOVE THE FURNITURE except for entertainment centers and china cabinets and other heavy things.
It's all a LIE.

My name was on their list. They hounded me daily for a few months. I learned not to answer the phone when the name Kondos Galloy appeared on my caller ID. Well, I guess they figured out the game. As I was sitting here doing my work, my phone rang and my caller ID indicated it was a "Private number." Since a couple of my children's friends numbers come up that way, I answered it. I got the above pitch and said..well what the heck? My carpet can use a good cleaning and it may be worth it just so these people will quit calling me.
Yes, someone showed up and I got a 1 hour sales pitch on this really neato system that could be mine to the tune of $1789.00. The sales guy called his "Manager" 3 times and said things like..HOW CAN WE OFFER HER THIS FOR SUCH A LOW PRICE?? WOW! WE CAN DO THAT FOR HER? THAT IS SO AWESOME!!! WE CAN OFFER HER THIS GREAT PAYMENT OPTION?? WOW!!! I DIDN'T KNOW WE COULD DO THAT..I"LL TELL HER..SHE LOVES IT!!
*Good God! it's not a used car! It's a f'n KIRBY *
Did the carpet get shampooed? Did I get my second room cleaned? Heck no! I got a portion of the carpet vacuummed and I did get a 12 inch x 12 inch square of the carpet cleaned for free!!!! And, the sales guy looked like a wounded animal when I told him no and said he didn't get paid for today's visit unless I bought the KIRBY or gave him names of other unsuspecting victims.
Well, my kids were absolutely enamored with this Kirby vacuum and said...DIANE would want one..So and so would love it. I gave the guy 6 names and then called my friends to warn them. I have spent the past week apologizing. To those of my readers getting hounded by Kondos Galloy aka K&G Distributing, I AM TRULY TRULY SORRY!!!! I really am. A couple of you have already mentioned to me that you are in Kirby vacuum HELL with these people. They are a member and I think though their approach may be legal and I actually do not know if it is or not, it is deceptive advertising and has caused me a considerable headache and alienation of several of my close friends. SORRY AGAIN GUYS..PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!

Just a few ramblings

It has been awhile since I have written anything. This whole month has been one challenge after another and I wish it would slow down. Here's the news in my world:
- I am appliance challenged...appliancely challenged? Something like that. My dishwasher AND the washing machine are done broken! As my luck would have it, they bit the dust within 5 days of eachother. As my life would have it, I have no money and have had NO time to go look for another so clothes and dishes have been washed by hand. Being a pioneer must have really SUCKED! They had to add killing their own food to the mix though and that is the only difference.
- I have been having problems with my back and neck. Woke up a week ago in so much pain, I couldn't move. So being that I have been especially crabby because of that, I really haven't felt much like writing or talking to anyone.
- I have had one heck of a time with my job.. I LOVE MY JOB. I LOVE MY JOB. I LOVE MY JOB. Our main vendor did a software upgrade a month ago. For those who work in Telecom, you know what happens after a software upgrade more often than not. . NOTHING WORKS. Of course they called it an "Enhancement." We called it ..... a lot of words I really shouldn't write or say in polite company. We should just cover a box in aluminum foil, add some ball bearings and packing peanuts and ship those out. They'd probably work just as well. In reality, my inbox is OUT OF CONTROL with messages from our project managers telling me how critical it is we have the stuff by lets say...tomorrow.
The good news is, my house still has a nice stock of coffee and good beer.

On another note, How many of us are burned out on hearing about Hurricanes? Last year Florida had 3 of them and we just laughed at them. NewOrleans gets hit with one and's because God hates Lousiana. Folks, I think He hates Florida worse. And after 7 days of hearing nothing on the news besides Hurricane Rita, it was sort of anticlimatic now that she has hit. I just don't want to see anymore anchor people standing out side in the huge storm, talking about how awful it MIGHT be IF the storm moves just a few miles East or West. Yup's raining. Yup..there is stuff flying around that could hit people. The winds are blowing at 100 mph. I think that flying debris would be par for the course. Rita came. She went. She did no more damage than any other hurricane that has ever hit the coast and guess what... there will be more next year. I do not mean to sound insensitive. I gave to the Hurricane Katrina disaster relief willingly. I think it is terrible what happened to those on the Gulf after the hurricane and my heart goes out to those who lost everything. I was, on the other hand, disgusted with the casting of blame of whose fault it was, the looting, the rapes, the pillages, the whining, the yelling and the screaming from the press calling for the Almighty's resignation for sending a catagory 4 hurricane to NEW ORLEANS! Don't you know folks, that it's totally OK for a catagory 4 to hit Miami, Biloxi, Gulfport, and Tampa. But it is totally UNACCEPTABLE for a catagory 4 to hit New Orleans. Don't you know that America NEEDS Mardi Gras? What would the Girls Gone WIld producers do without it!? Yep, the levee broke. Yes, the government gave LA a bunch of money to fix it after the infamous Hurricane Camille. Did LA use it to fix the Levee? NOPE.. They used it for another project. Did they have an emergency plan to evacuate the city? Yes, they did. Did they implement it? NOPE Did the state of Louisiana know that they were suceptible to Hurricanes for lets say the last 200 years? SURE. Did they do anything when threatened again? NOPE. Ray Nagin has egg on his face. Ray Nagin do I save my butt. Ray Nagin blames FEMA, THe president, The governor and God. VOILA! The fact that FEMA was out there within a week and it is a government agency is a miracle! Have you ever sat in the Social Security office? It takes a month just to get through the line. IT took FEMA a month to react to Category 3 Hurricane Floyd under Mr. Clinton's watch. Good job, Bill! Did the hurricane hit while you were soiling Miz Lewinsky's dress? This is just my view point. Unpopular though it may be! Our media makes me crazy! They are the biggest bunch of mass hysteria perpetrators. I can't believe that everything going on down there in LA after Katrina was bad. What about the millions of dollars of donations, the response of the red cross, the rescues, the people that are down there volunteering their time to help them rebuild? Can't we hear about that? The real story isn't that an act of God happened. The real story is that we Americans ARE taking care of our own. We are sending money. Sending blankets. Opening up our houses to people that lost everything. I think it's a testament to our country, our people, our way of life. A failure of leadership occurred, no doubt about it. But since we are all human and make mistakes, the story is not that we fell but how we rise after the fall. I have no doubt that the Gulf will be rebuilt, Mardi Gras will bloom again, and everyone will pick up their life.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

------Put title here-----

So, it's Wednesday, the day after Tuesday.. I had a really nice weekend! Our cabin ROCKS and boy did I need a Laborless Labor Day. After the frustrations of the week, the laptop, the job and everything else, it was very nice to go up there, drink microbrew, relax and hang out with family and good friends. Now, here I am..back at work. My stress headache is back. My stress backache is back and I even sent a couple resumes out tonight because I'm that disenchanted. But, enough whining. My creativity is out the window for the moment but it shall be back soon! In the meantime, check out my brothers blog and a really great little site that cracks me up every time! <--------------------- Joe's site <--------------------- Chronicles of George.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Raindrops keep falling on my head.....

No dear reader...(I think at least one person reads these things) it is not raining here in sunny Chicagoland. It is raining on me. After working my buttkus off until Midnight last night, I awoke to a dead work computer this morning. It's been coming for awhile but at least it is a light work day somewhat.... I think.

So, the desktop support dude calls and says you need to bring it in..AFTER you back up the harddrive. HUH? I say, Why me? Why can't you do that? Because, he says...ABC (Not my real company name) Company, doesn't have that in my job description for Virtual Office employees. You need to plug into USB port and do yourself. He says if you don't have external harddrive, you have to go buy one and your own troubleshooting tools and do it before you bring it in. Well.. I have an IBM Stinkpad 600X. For those of you who not familiar with it, it has a whopping big 11 GB harddrive with about 3 GB space left..a couple parallel ports, and a 12 inch screen. When I boot up, it vibrates. Sometimes, the mouse doesn't load. I have no idea why this happens. After it sucessfully boots up without exploding, it gives me a ton of errors I click out of and a "found new hardware" message that I have NO idea what it is talking about. Fortunately, I bought an external harddrive to go with my new Dell. I Love my Dell :) and there my computer sits...backing up...ever so slowly. And of course, as I am talking to the desktop dude, my dishwasher is leaking into my kitchen. Argh! Let's all add insult to injury here.

My son calls me from school this morning and says "Mom, next to the microwave oven is a picture form." I pause and say "OK, is it picture day?" In a very small voice he says "Um..yes...sorry" WHAT!!!?? Ok..he hasn't had his haircut, he's wearing an old shirt, he barely had time for a shower and well whatever... Off to Sears we will go. Kids!

That's all I have for now...BOWLING STARTS TONIGHT!!!WOOHOO...
Peace and all that...