Wednesday, September 01, 2010

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month....

Wear the gold ribbon this month and advocate for treatment options for our smallest and youngest warriors.

Every year, 12,500 families hear the words "Your child has cancer." That is about 47 children daily. 20% of all childhood cancer diagnosis are sarcomas. Yet, childhood sarcoma is underfunded and kids are left without treatment options if the cancer returns. Some pediatric cancers such as certain brain tumors, are a death sentence as kids rarely live past 2 years once diagnosed. We can make a difference this month and help our youngest warriors against cancer. Donate to Pediatric Cancer research.

Yesterday, I watched this video. This child has a rare cancer diagnosis called PPB. She has multiple cancers. Every tumor in her body is a different form of childhood cancer. At three years old, she has seen more pain, endured more surgeries than most people endure in 30 years. Yet, she dances. She smiles. She gives thanks to God. She exudes such JOY. Cancer has ravished her body and she dances. We were told that the little children shall lead us and indeed she is.

I hope you dance

I'm donating a percentage of anything sold at my stores or book blog specifically for childhood cancer research.

Gold ribbons..
EDIT: I forgot to mention that in my links list are a few really great charities that tackle pediatric cancer. If you can, please check them out.

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