Monday, May 17, 2010

I took my Anatomy final tonight. When I came home, I had no idea what to do with myself. Without my book, I feel so naked. That book traveled with me to Atlanta, Iowa City, Walmart, Dr's waiting rooms, and church and as it's been a constant companion, it feels like I just spurned a lover and am moving on to the next one in one week. I'm waiting on the final grade. I need at least an 80% but hopefully better and I keep my A. Tomorrow, I will take my Biology final but my instructor said if I wanted to stay home, stay home. There are 600 points possible in the class. I have 606 now without the final. BUT, I am taking the final. No matter what happens, I still have the A but I want the knowledge. The whole purpose of the class was to help me on the NLN. Though some of the material overlaps with what I studied in Anatomy, much of this last unit did not and it is a good overview for the entrance exam for Nursing school which I will be taking on July 22.

Today, I was hired to do a temporary project for a large grocery store chain. As the end of my career at AT&T is coming to an end and I have received no job offers from the company or anywhere else YET, I have time to do some 2 or 3 audits a week on the store's customer service in the various stores around the Chicago area. The schedules are flexible, it pays $11 an hour, reimburses me for mileage and I can take Em with me if I want to. Sounded like a winner. I can work up to 25 hours a week without affecting unemployment. As I usually work 18-20 at the Mart, the additional 6 hours won't interfere and if by chance I have to take a weekend day off, I can make it up here. The project will last 3-6 months. I'll keep looking for a job in the meantime and even if I do land something full time, I can schedule this around it.
This is relatively short tonight. I've been hibernating and trying to get this class finished. Physiology in the Fall will be my next textbook ball and chain. I want an A there too!

PS: Clinic visit this past week was fine. All blood counts are good and my BP is excellent.


Erin said...

OMG, you are so smart!

Sue G said...

Look out world. Kathie has a purpose and is going full throttle.

You are going to make a wonderful nurse. On so many levels. You think out of the box. You think with the heart of God. And you think of whatever it will take to facilitate the best outcome of your patients.

Consider Northwestern. Better shopping close by. And the real gift is the one that keeps every three months.

What more could anyone possibly want??