Monday, December 21, 2009

I haven't quite come up for air yet and I have much to accomplish these next couple days. Fortunately, I'm good under the gun and as I've always been a procrastinator, I've learned to live with my own dysfunction and carry on as normal. I usually do my Christmas shopping online. Last year, I deviated from that and decided to go to the store and shop. With me being me, I waited until Dec 23rd. I went out after working an 8 hour shift at Big Box Mart. It was blizzarding outside. The windchill was and I am not making this up, (as anyone who has ever survived a Chicago Winter can tell you)42 below!! THe wind was whipping. THe snow was blowing and there was me pushing a shopping cart through the icy parking lot with thin little gloves on that did nothing to protect my fingers from the cold. I had to continually go into the car to warm myself while putting all these items into my trunk. Then, I went home and unloaded everything into my garage, taking time out to unthaw my fingers as I unloaded, stayed up all night wrapping, and spent Christmas Eve cooking on 3 hours of sleep. AHH the holidays. This year, I did do my shopping online but due to class, much will be done the way I am used to, LAST MINUTE!!
I wish all my readers a safe and Merry Christmas!! Once again, my Christmas cards were never mailed...and I even had stamps this year but all of you, the seen readers and friends and the unseen silent supporters, are all in my thoughts. I hope to see some of you on New Years Eve!

PS..Please pray for stable scan results. Scans are tomorrow.


Erin said...

Your Christmas will be memorable, maybe all the more so because of the last minute-ness of it all. Crazy and happy and loving and joyful. Even if you don't cook. Even if you eat frozen burritos from the 7/11. Wishing you the jolliest and happiest Christmas and scans that are spectacular!!

Nonalee said...

Hey Kat!
Merry Xmas from one procrastinator to another. Love ya! K-bug and I are planning on coming for New Years. Do you have room for us??

Erin said...

I want some chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Where can I find those?