Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Monday

I noticed that I am more likely to jot down thoughts here on Monday, Tues or Wed. Towards the end of the week, I get caught up in a million things and generally none of those things are worthy of pen time. On Thursday, I bowl. On Friday, I work a double shift. On Saturday, I work then come home and yell at the kids for not doing their chores. On Sunday, I work then come home and yell at the kids for not doing their chores. My life has settled into a routine that is just hard to break. This past Saturday, I was blessed with a short day at BigBoxMart. To celebrate, I made a date with a carpet shampooer. I was very late with my after Christmas, remove the celebration, cleaning. So, while the world was out celebrating, I was here celebrating a clean carpet that was until my neighbor called and asked if I wanted to go to Red Lobster. Well! Is the Pope Catholic? I finished my carpet and took the kids out for Valentine's Day vittles. We waited two hours for a table. For whatever reason, the economic problems of the nation were suspended on Saturday as half of the Northwestern suburbs was waiting in the 10x12 lobby of the Red Lobster. I downed two Pina Coladas, some coconut shrimp and a grilled shrimp skewer and blew my usual nutritional protocol for the day. But, oh well. Once in awhile, I don't feel guilty cheating a bit. Sunday, I worked a shorter day and went shopping to buy the kids some shoes, Em her new booster seat, and some groceries. Then came home, washed two floors, cleaned the kitchen and got Emily showered. Kris and Cass were moaning they didn't feel well and both had temperatures. Emily had plenty of energy and I didn't. Life is not fair.

Today, I woke up to hear another news story about another Chicago Democrat caught in another corruption scandal. When will IL learn? When you send mopes to Congress, State, Federal and White House, you get what you deserve. High taxes, an increased welfare state, a broke IL/US, HUGE deficits, high gas prices, high property taxes, inefficient government and scandal. Now that IL is a late night joke, I have no doubt that my fellow IL and US citizens will rectify the situation by voting in more Democrats. We just can't have enough corruption and stupidity. Funny thing is, I considered myself a Democrat when I voted in my very first election. Both the politicians I voted for went down in a scandal. I learned. Pay attention to what you are voting for, study the issues, stay informed and always put LIBERTY as the number one priority and vote for those who are best able to protect it and actually respect the Constitution. Those so called "Progressives" who have hijacked the Democrat Party want the age old document replaced to ensure that the Nanny State is alive and well and Big Brother has a permanent place in our education system, our homes, our streets and public places. I am now a fiscal conservative but more Socially Liberal in that I don't believe the government should interfere in the lives of consenting adults. I also believe that while women taut their abortion rights as a choice issue, I believe that choice is a two way street. Churches, Dr's, individuals, institutions that object to abortion should be allowed to excercise their conscience and not be forced to do something or advocate something they deem immoral. I feel the same about gay marriage. If a church doesn't want to perform a marriage between two gay individuals, they should not be required to but I have no problem with the performed civil unions and domestic partner agreements. And since we have so many screaming to get God out of government, perhaps Government should stay out of God. I am a Libertarian, more firmly entrenched in the Libertarian position than ever. We need to take a lesson from the bankers. When you reach for a handout from the Government, the Government WILL tell you how that handout is to be used. Of course, this only applies to bankers. I don't see the same scrutiny of Public Aid recipients who live on Government money. Anyone who loves their freedom ought to know that protecting it means, don't rely on Government provide your lifestyle. Then you are beholden to no one. So, after seeing the life that the government can choose for me, Section 8 and Food stamps vs what I can do for myself, a nicer house and food that is actually healthy and nutritious, I choose to do for myself. It's hard. It's work. It's sacrifice. But if I can't be happy with what I have, then I can't really be happy with anything.

Those that sacrifice liberty for safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.


"Just" Joe said...

I like that last quote.

Kathy said...

Thanks. That is credited to Ben Franklin.