Friday, October 14, 2011

It's been ages since I have typed anything here. I am still alive. My lovely ADHD/ODD daughter has made HuGE strides forward thanks to a wonderful drug called Risperdal and some successful behavior management. Some semblance of peace has been restored at home and I have spent a very busy Spring and Summer in class. Yes, class is my whole life because on April 5 I received that coveted acceptance into nursing school. My summer was spent reading and writing papers and my fall has been spent reading and writing papers, giving speeches, taking tests and stress and more stress. I am now on the eve of my first clinicals due to start next weekend. Exciting and terrifying alllll at the same time. As for cancer, my June chest X-ray was clean. CT is scheduled for December. If there are more nodules, there will be more surgery and then I'll continue on to my second semester of nursing school. Onward!
To all my fellow sarcoma/cancer warriors, I love you all and I carry you with me when I study. When I feel there is no way I will be able to finish this program, I remember why I started in the first place. That has made all the difference.

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