Friday, November 12, 2010

Unemployment....the saga....ends for now.

It happened pretty darn quickly but I was hired as a contractor to work in tech support for a company that provides voice services. I will be working on, of all accounts, the dedicated Walmart team! I will be the 3rd shift girl. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Though it is not in health care, it is doing a job that I like and the money is not bad. I am paid hourly and susceptible to over time. On Monday, I will sit at my own desk, with my own little phone and work tickets just like the old days at AT&T when I worked tech support. It's amazing to me how even though the place has changed, the people I'm working with are different, and the boss is different, there is an air of sameness. Telecom has a feel to it. There is stress in the air. The sky is constantly falling. The problem tickets mount and mount. Second line managers take heat from the top and pass it downwards. Stressed out customers dealing with outages push the heat back upwards and in the middle of all this displaced stress, is me, your friendly neighborhood help desk technician. It's a beautiful thing. It's familiar. I know this world. Being back in this call center, working trouble tickets brings back feeling of nostalgia for the last job that I felt that I truly contributed something to the team. But, I know this is all it is and I tell myself every day to give this job my all but never get distracted from Nursing school. The world of Telecom can suck a person in. You ride on a tidal wave of adreneline, get caught up in believing that it's all the most important thing in the world, and bask in the glory of fixing trouble after trouble after trouble. But when all is said and done, telecom has an inflated sense of importance. It deludes a person into thinking it is THE singular most important thing in the world. I will never forget that after 15 years of nights and weekends, holidays and overtime, working 12, 13, 14 hours a day while going through chemo, sacrificing health and family time, AT&T thanked me by showing me the door. Sobering!
Yes to EMPLOYMENT but Nursing school is where the heart is. I pray that He never lets me fall away from the path!


Jazzie Casas said...

Nursing is becoming more and more technical and requires more sophisticated understanding of disease processes, treatments, and pharmacology. Nurses also want to be treated as professionals rather than semi-skilled workers. To these ends, the current trend favors four year degrees rather than the shorter programs. Many nurses opt to get a two year degree either at a diploma school or community college, then return to complete a BSN while they gain work experience. Some hospitals pay BSN graduates slightly more (mostly as an incentive to obtain a BSN), but the job assignments are identical.

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Erin said...

this is great news. You,of course, are perfect for this job,and they will quickly see how lucky, lucky, lucky, they are to have you. Nursing school is your future, though. Or maybe you just need to bypass nursing and go straight into medical research!

Sue G said...

Wonderful news. So glad I check in on a semi regular basis. I hope this job releases a lot of the stress and pressure you have had and that you are welcomed and appreciated the way you should be.

As for nursing, nothing can stop you now from achieving what you want. Knowing you, your vision will continue to grow and create new opportunities.